Monthly Review

February Review

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another monthly review. Today we are going to review the month of February.

In February I was still working with my 2021 budget. 

This is what my total income looked like in February:

Salary: €1.819,19

Healthcare allowance: €64

Dividend: €3,62

Total € 1.886,81

Check out my youtube video to see how much I got paid by each stock.

Just like last year, I am receiving the least amount of dividends in the second month of the quarter. But I am working on it. I really hope that I will pass the €4 mark in May.

Now let’s take a look at my emergency fund. As you can see I saved 72,7%. My future emergency fund is now funded for 5,5 months. I feel like I am so close, but yet so far. But I will keep going.

In the diagram below you can see what my spending looked like in February. About 50% went to my savings and investments, which I am proud of.

That’s is for February. The next monthly review will be the last time that I will be reviewing my 2021 salary and I am so excited about that! I already received my last 2021 salary. I am so done with this 2021 salary. On March 23rd I will receive my new salary for the first time and I am so excited about that.

That’s it for today. Thank you for your precious time and until next time!


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