Before I Am Moving Out Series

Before I am moving out: Chapter 7

Did I get a raise?

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you are doing great. Well, today is the day that I can finally post this blog. I have been waiting so long to be able to make this post. I asked for a raise in October. October 26th to be precise, so it has been 3 months.

This is the first time I asked for a raise because this is my first professional job after college, so I had no clue how everything works. When I had that talk on October 26th with my team leader it turned out that he was already thinking about giving me a raise. So I didn’t have to give a speech about why I thought I deserved it etc. The conversation had gone really well and I was happy. Little did I know how long it would take for me to get a final answer.

I thought that I would have an answer before the new year. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

In December after I came back from a few days off I asked my team leader if he had an update from the Financial Manager and HR. My team leader told me that he had asked for an update and that they were still working on the budget. They were squeezing in the numbers. He said that he would ask them again if he still didn’t have an update on January 1st. I decided not to ask about it anymore after the last time and I never heard anything about it ever since.

So January came and I still didn’t hear a thing. Then my team leader got sick with Covid. So when he came back to work we were already halfway through the month. At this point, I was already talking with one of my colleagues that I really trust. He is my work bestie. He also works in the Finance department, but in another team, so we have different team leaders.

I decided to ask him if he was expecting a raise and if he did whether he already knew what his new salary was going to be. He said that he was expecting a raise, but didn’t hear anything as well.

Then I got an email from my team leader about an assessment meeting on January 21st, which was on a Friday. I was a little bit confused because payday was on the 24th. So I was like “how does this even make sense?”. Do I have to find out on my payslip whether I got a raise or not? 

My work bestie had his assessment meeting on Tuesday. So one Wednesday morning he told me everything. He told me that in the Finance department there were only 3 people who were getting a raise and he was one of them. So there were only 2 people left. At first, it made me kind of nervous, but then I was like “no I have to be one of them”. I started making a list of all my finance colleagues to see how big my chances were. I crossed the people who I knew for sure were not getting a raise, because they just started or because they were leaving etc. But there were still 10 people left. So I just left the whole list alone.

My work bestie didn’t know what his new salary would be. His assessment was graded with a B, so that means that his salary had to increase by 4,5%, but his team leader felt like that would still be too little for him. So I guess she was going to negotiate for him.

He also told me that he would receive his new salary in March for the first time. He would also receive the differents from his new and old salary from January and February.

Me and my work bestie are in a very similar situation, so this made me feel good and it really made me believe that I was getting that raise.

In the meantime, I was preparing myself for my meeting. I was getting so impatient I couldn’t wait for Friday to come. My work weeks have never felt this long. 

Thank God my meeting was at 10 a.m. I didn’t have to wait all day long. I just had to do my Friday morning task and then go to the meeting. On Thursday I made sure that I was done with my preparations.

And then Friday morning came…

So I woke up in the morning. Earlier than usual, because I couldn’t sleep anymore, because I was nervous. So I started doing my Friday morning task and then my team leader messaged me.. He asked me if we could do the meeting in the afternoon because he needed to take his daughter to do a Covid test. I said it was fine. I mean was else could I have said?. And his daughter’s health is of course way more important. But deep down inside I was dying. I had been waiting for 3 months already and now this? But then he called me at 10.30 am. So I guess the test went fast or something. But the meeting started.

He started asking how I was doing and how my apartment hunt was going. So I told him that I paused it because I was tired of getting denied because of my salary. So we started talking about that a little bit and then he said “we will get back to that later”.

Then he started talking about how he is still really happy with my performance and my hard work etc. He thought that I was earning too little for what I was doing. By the way, I am a junior accountant. So my team leader talked to the financial manager, the financial manager talked to the Management team. I think it is kind of scary that there were so many people that talked about me. Later I found out that more people were involved in the decision.

The financial manager asked my team leader don’t you think she is ready to be a medior accountant? So they started to discuss all the things that I was doing they apparently talked to some senior colleagues of mine. And they came to the conclusion that I already was a medior accountant. So they decided to give me a promotion!!

Which of course means a higher salary. In 2021 my salary was €2.050 and my new salary is €2.500. 

Am I happy with this? Yes! Did I expect this? No! First of all, I didn’t expect a promotion. I was working towards it. I had the feeling I was almost there, but I didn’t realize I was already there. So my goal was to make that promotion this year in 2022. Secondly, just like the other companies, we got hit by the whole pandemic situation. So as an accountant I saw the numbers go down. And I was thinking like “no, the numbers can’t go down, I need that raise” lol. Deep down I knew that they were giving me a raise as I said in a previous blog if they didn’t give me a raise that would be so insulting. So I thought that they would give me a €2.200 maybe a €2.300 salary. But I was hoping for a €2.400 salary.

The funny thing is I actually had a dream that they gave me a €2.500 salary, but I was like “no that is too good to be true”. 

Just like my work bestie, I will be receiving my new salary in March for the first time together with the difference of January and February. 

I am so happy. I mean not only did I get a raise, but also a promotion? That’s crazy.

I don’t know what my net salary will be exactly. According to an online calculator, it will be €2.112. But in my budget, I put €2.100. Now I got some extra money to save and invest, which makes me happy. In future blogs, you will read about how my budget is changing, etc. This post is already long enough.

I finally got that raise. And a promotion. This is my first raise and promotion ever. I am so happy.

Thank you for your precious time and until next time!


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