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2021 review + 2022 goals

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the very first blog post of 2022. Happy New Year! May this year be amazing for all of us.

Today I will be reflecting on 2021 and sharing my goals for 2022 with you.

Let’s see how I did in 2021.

I looked back at my 2021 goals post and my mid-year review. These were my  goals for 2021:

  1. Pay off my student load debt
  2. Save €6.240 
  3. Invest €2.000 in the stock market
  4. Create sinking funds
  5. Have a  €6.000 emergency fund
  6. Have a €20.000 net worth
  7. Receive €12 in dividends

I am happy and proud to say that I achieved all my goals. I even exceeded some of them.

  1. I became debt-free in March 2021 instead of October 2021.
  2. I saved a little bit more than €9K
  3. I invested about €2.700 in the stock market
  4. I created my sinking funds
  5. I saved €6.030 in my emergency fund
  6. I have a €21K net worth
  7. I received €24,54 in dividends

If I had to choose my favorite achievement I would go for my €21K networth, because I didn’t know if I would be able to reach that goal. In my mid-year review, I said that it was a stretch. I ended up hitting that goal in November. One day I was just updating my numbers and then the total turned to be €20K. I remember that it was on the 23rd of the month, but I waited till the 30th to make sure that my net worth was still €20K in case my investments would drop and it still was.

In the graph below you can see how my net worth grew in 2021. It grew by 11K!

Another favorite is my dividends goal because I didn’t know what to expect. In the first 3 months, I didn’t receive any dividends. Then I started receiving just a little bit. The first time I received dividends was in April and I received €0,84. So I thought ok, that’s what I am going to be receiving, but as I was investing more, I started to receive more and. In October I hit my dividend record, which was €6,15. I was so happy about it. December was also a big month for me because I received €6,14 in dividends and I did not expect it. So I ended the year with a banger.

Check out my first youtube video to see what my first year of dividend investing looked like. Yes, I created a youtube channel. I will make a post about it.

Finally, I want to end my 2021 review by looking at how my money was spent. If you take a look at the diagram below, you can see that about half of my money went to myself and I am so happy about it. 

So, what are my financial goals for 2022

Last year my main goal was to pay off my debt. This year my main goal is to have a €10.000 emergency fund. This means I have to add another 4K to my current emergency fund. I know that I said in a previous blog that this wouldn’t be my main goal anymore, but I just want to get it over with. So if I save €520 every month, I will hit this goal by August, which is nice since my birthday is in August. This calculation is based on my 2021 net income. At this point, I still don’t know what my income will be in 2022. When I asked my team leader whether HR gave him an update, he said that they were still working on the budgets for 2022. On December 30th one of my senior colleagues said in a meeting that he finally received the budgets. This means that at this point they should know my new salary. So the better let me know within 2 weeks. But then I still don’t know what my net income will be. Which I will find out when I get my first paycheck of the year. I about 3 weeks I can hopefully give you an update about my salary. It better be worth the wait.

In 2022 I want to have a €25.000 networth. I know that it doesn’t seem like a challenging goal since my networth is 21K right now, but you have to keep in mind that I plan on moving in 2022. So my networth might go down by 10K. I hope not though. So I will actually be saving about €15.000.

My next goal is to have €5.000 invested in the stock market. This means that I will have to invest a little bit less than €200 a month. This goal might be a stretch. This goal will depend on my raise and on my spendings. If I spend less than budgeted, the remaining amount will go towards my investments. My dividends will also be a good help, which brings me to my final goal.

In 2022 I want to receive €60 in dividends which is an average of €5 per month. I know that this is more than double what I received last year, but I think I can make it. I really hope that I can have one €10 month, that would make me so happy. It would probably happen in October. I am the most excited about this goal. I mean who doesn’t love free money?

To summarize my goals:

  1. Save a €10.000 emergency fund
  2. Have a €25.000 net worth
  3. Have €5.000 invested in the stock market
  4. Receive €60 in dividends.

I am really excited to work on these goals. Of course, we don’t know what 2022 is going to look like. I might end up moving out and having to adjust these goals. I might have a new stream of income which might help me achieve these goals even faster.

I am really excited about 2022! 

What are your financial goals? Let me know in the comments.

That’s it for today! Thank you for your precious time and until next time.


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