Before I Am Moving Out Series

Before I am moving out: Chapter 4

Apartment update

Hello everyone!

Welcome to chapter 4 of my series “Before I am moving out”.Today I want to give you an update about my dream apartment. There is a lot that I have to tell you guys, so let’s get right into it.

On October 21st I received an email from the company that will be renting the apartments.

In the email they let us know what the financial requirements were to get one of the apartments. I’m not going into details and talk about the calculations. The most important thing was that you needed a monthly salary of at least €23.400, which I did. We were also allowed to add 10% of our income to our yearly salary. 

My salary is €26.568 a year. Thank God I have a €17K saving in my bank account. Without my savings, I could only apply for apartments with a maximum rent of €680 a month. Because of my saving, I could apply for apartments with a maximum of €725 a month.

By this time we did not have any information about the apartments. We did not know what they looked like and what we could get for which price. So I decided to go ask for a raise on October 26th (my next workday). I also ask for a letter of intent to let the company know that I would have a higher income next year. At this point, the apartments were still not online.

In chapter 3 I told you that I would ask my boss for an update about my salary on November 2nd. I asked for an update on November first, because I had a gut feeling, that the apartments were going online that day. I mean it was on a Monday and it was the 1st of the month. Isn’t that a perfect date? So my boss gave me an update. We were in a busy period, so to be honest I did not expect my boss to be talking to HR and the financial manager already. I didn’t think he would put me before all the other things that were happening. But on that day he was still waiting for answers from HR about my letter of intent.

On that day I was checking my email the whole time. When I was done working at 5, the apartments were still not online. So I was like, if not today, then when? So after work, I was just chilling in my bed and that suddenly I received an email, saying that we could sign up for the apartments. So I jumped out of my bed and set at my desk. I immediately made an account and picked my top  10 apartments. 

I was really happy to see that I had good options to choose from with my current salary but I still wanted that letter of intent to have a greater chance. And we had till November 12th to apply. So I decided to wait to hand my documents in until November 12th.

In the meantime, my boss was still working on my situation. 

On November 8th, my boss asked me about the apartments. And he told me that HR was not answering his emails and not picking up his calls. At this point, I started to get a little bit annoyed with HR. Usually, they are so fast with replying. I know that because I often contact them. But when it comes to my salary, they are suddenly hard to reach.

On November 9th I attended a webinar about the apartments where they explained everything about the apartments. It was really informative.

Then the next day came. It was the day that I was going to hand in my documents officially. I asked my boss if HR replied already. He told me that they didn’t and that he would go to the office the next day and talk to them personally. At this point, I didn’t want to wait anymore and decided to have my documents in after work and I did.

On November 11th my boss came with an update from HR. They told him that they couldn’t give me a letter of intent in a short period of time, due to new rules. They knew this information the first time my boss talked to them, why are they just saying this now?

At this point, I didn’t care anymore. I was just proud of myself that I saved so much money and I was happy that I could add 10% of my savings to my yearly income.

Let me talk a little bit more about the apartments.

As I said, I made a top 10 list. You don’t have to pick 10 apartments, you can also just pick one, but I want my chances to be as high as possible. If there are too many people that want an apartment, they are going to pick one by lottery. 

The apartments that I chose are between the 2nd and 7th floor. I decided that I didn’t want to live on a higher floor. I just don’t like waiting for the elevator and I want to be able to take the stairs. It is really nice to live super high and have a super nice view, but I just had to be honest with myself. I don’t know if I told you guys, but when I went to Paris to do my internship I lived on the 6th floor, and sometimes it wasn’t really practical. At my current job, our office is on the 31st floor and waiting for those elevators can be really annoying. I don’t want to be waiting for elevators at work and then come home and wait for elevators to go to my apartment.

I have to say that the 7th floor is still pretty high though. In Paris, I did take the stairs sometimes, but the stairs were going in a spiral, so by the time I was downstairs I was dizzy. 

Anyways, the apartments look nice, and they are big enough for me. I am really happy with my choices. 

What now?

At this moment the application period is over. So now they are going to decide who is getting which apartment. On the 19th we will find out whether we got an apartment and if we do, which one we got.

I’m hoping and praying that I got one of the apartments. These past 13 days have been the longest. I hope the next days will go by so fast. My mom already bought me some stuff without me asking for it. So now they have to give me an apartment.

Before I end this post I want to tell you about the dream I had,  after the application period ended, I dreamed that my application was accepted and that I had to choose from #4, #5, and #6 from my top 10 list. I’m curious to see if I am getting one of those. I will definitely let you know.

In next week’s post, you will find out whether I got the apartment and which one. So stay tuned!

This is all I have for today. Thank you for your precious time and until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Before I am moving out: Chapter 4”

  1. Damn that HR, I hope it doesn’t take them until next Christmas to give you a response. I would definitely choose a top floor. I prefer no one above me, because some people are not thoughtful, considerate or respectful of the fact that people live below them and they run and jump and prance and drop stuff and have their kids run and be loud and rowdy all day and night. (I’ve had bad experiences, can you tell?) But hopefully it’ll all work out for you.


    1. I get what you are saying. Here at my parent’s house, we are living on the first floor and sometimes I can hear the grandkids running around. But it doesn’t happen too often. In the new building all the apartments on the 1st till 9th floor are one-bedroom apartments, so families are not allowed. They will have to live on the higher floors. Idk if students are allowed, but they probably don’t have a high enough income to be eligible for the apartments anyways. So I will mostly have to deal with (young) adults. And if they are making a lot of noise, I will definitely complain.


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