Before I Am Moving Out Series

Before I am moving out: Chapter 3

I asked for a raise

Hello everyone!

Welcome to chapter 3 of my series, “Before I am moving out”. I am so excited about this chapter I can’t believe it, but I asked for a raise for the very first time! I’ll tell you how it went.

First I want to talk about my boss. My boss is a really kind young man. He is 32 years old. He is really understanding and a good listener. He actually started working at my company in May/June I think. When I heard that I was getting a new boss I was kind of nervous and a little bit scared. I was scared that the new boss would not see my worth or anything. I didn’t even know if he would be actually a nice person. But the first time we met, I saw immediately that he was a kind man.

My old boss is still there by the way. But the thing is, he wasn’t actually my real boss. Someone else was. But he was the one teaching me everything and when I had questions or anything I went to him. And so did my colleague. My “real boss” wasn’t really involved with my tasks. The company decided to hire someone who became my and my colleague’s boss and who would be more involved in our tasks. I know, it’s a little bit complicated.

On October the 21st I received an email about the financial requirements for the apartments. This was such important information that I really needed but I was missing, so I was really excited when I saw the email. I opened it immediately.

I am happy to say that I do meet the minimum requirement, however, my choices are limited. I don’t want to be limited so I need a raise. With my salary, I can only apply for apartments with a maximum of €720 rent, but I want to be able to apply for apartments with a maximum of €753 rent. I did some calculations and I came to the conclusion that I need a €220 raise.

I made the decision to just go and ask for that raise. Because of my boss’s character, I knew I could come to him with the truth. I didn’t have to come up with a story or a speech about why I deserve a raise. I was still nervous though because this is my first professional job and I have never asked for a raise before. But I said to myself on my next workday I am just going to do it. There was no other choice than to just do it. I had two days off, so I had a long weekend to think about how I was going to approach him.

October 26th was that I had to ask for a raise. Luckily it was an office day and I could talk to him face to face. On that day he came in late because he had a hospital appointment. So I was nervously waiting for him to finally arrive. Around 11.30 I sent him a message via Microsoft teams because he was sitting a little bit far. I asked him if he had some time and that I needed to ask/tell him something. He immediately said yes and we went to a meeting room. Then I told him my situation. I explained to him that I want to move to this apartment and that because of my salary my options are limited. I told him about the struggles I have been facing due to my salary etc. I am not going into detail about everything because I already talked about it in a previous post. Anyway, he understood everything that I was saying. Then he said something that I didn’t expect. He said, “I was already looking into giving you a raise”. That made me feel so good because I don’t really like asking for things. I wanted the company to be like “here is your raise, you deserve it” instead of me having to ask for it. So him saying that made me happy. Then he explained that when he came to the company, he checked my salary and the things that I am doing, and the progress that I have made. And he immediately thought “her salary is not in line with what she is doing for the company. So he said yes to my question. He wants to give me a raise. But he has to talk to the financial manager and HR first. The thing is, that we don’t have a lot of room in the budget, but my boss will do his best for me. At the end of the conversation, he said, that I scared him and that he thought that I was leaving the company. I felt bad that I scared him.

I trust in him that he will do what he can to give me that raise. He will probably ask my old boss to back him up since he knows me longer and he taught me everything. One thing that I really love about my job is that they see you. They see your value, your hard work, and your worth. Well, at the finance department. I can’t speak for the other departments of course. I have heard a lot of stories about companies coming up with excuses about why their employees don’t deserve a raise. I am happy I don’t have to go through that. 

Before I close out this post I want to clarify something. Right now I am working 1,5 years for this company. At the end of last year, I could have gotten a raise. I actually don’t know if that’s possible because at that point I was only working for 6 months at the company. The thing is that the company decided to not give anyone a raise due to the current world events that were happening if you know what I mean. The focus really went to making it possible for all of us to work at home. Some people needed to be provided with more than others. Because of everything that was going on, it was hard for them to track the progress everyone was making. And of course, a lot of companies were hit by the pandemic which was scary for our company as well. All I want to say it, that I understand the companies choice of not giving a raise at the end of 2020. I just wanted to make that clear.

So now I am just waiting for an update from my boss. At this moment the apartments aren’t online yet. I really hope that the apartments will go live after I received the news that I will get a raise. On Tuesday, November the 2nd  I’m going to ask my boss for an update. Because by then it will be a week since I talked to him. And hopefully, I can come with an update in 2 or 3 weeks. I cannot wait.

This is all I have for today. Thank you for your precious time and until next time!


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4 thoughts on “Before I am moving out: Chapter 3”

  1. Awww, look at God!!! That raise was already in the works for you, let’s just hope HR and FM finalizes it!!! I’m so happy for you. Welcome to adulting! Please enjoy it responsibly, think before you act and be sure to never hang your hat where you can’t reach it. I love that you plan-out and budget your expenditures. You are definitely on the right track to success here. And yes, most supervisors or managers automatically assume that you’re about to leave the company when you ask for a few minutes of their time to “discuss something.”

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