Before I Am Moving Out Series

Before I am moving out: Chapter 1

Getting my driver’s license

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Chapter 1 of my new series called “Before I am moving Out”. Today we are going to talk about me getting my driver’s license.

I am 25 years old and I don’t have my driver’s license yet. I actually started taking driving lessons a long time ago. I think I was 20 years old when I started. 

Let me tell you about my driving history. I started driving when I was about 20 years old, so it must have been in 2016. I was a sophomore in college. I think I didn’t have a lot of money saved actually. If I couldn’t afford a driving lesson I just wouldn’t drive (I paid per lesson). To be honest, I wasn’t really consistent. I was busy with school, I played basketball, and like I said, sometimes I did not have the money. Sometimes my instructor didn’t have time for me. I was scheduled to drive once a week, but if I or the instructor couldn’t make it, we would skip a lesson. So sometimes weeks would go by without me driving.

In my junior year of college, I had to go abroad to do an internship. I really wanted to have a license before leaving the country. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my driver’s license by then. I don’t know how it works in the US, but in The Netherlands, you have to take a theoretical exam first before you are allowed to take your drivings exam. Your theoretical exam expires within 1,5 years. For some reason, I just kept failing my theoretical exam. Now looking back at it I realize that I just didn’t have the right way of thinking. So, in my junior year, I went abroad without a driver’s license.

After 5 months I came back to The Netherlands in January 2017. I started driving again and I finally passed my theoretical exam. I had to go abroad again, so I really wanted to pass my driving exam before leaving again. Sad enough, I couldn’t make it. So, again, in my senior year, I went abroad without me having my driver’s license.

Then I came back home again in November 2018 and started driving again. This time my theoretical exam was about to expire. So I was pressured with time. Again! I ended up taking the driving exam and I failed. The theoretical exam that I finally passed, after a lot of tries, expired. Ouch!

To be honest, looking back at it, I just wasn’t ready. Doing all of this under pressure was such a bad idea. I was just focussing too much on getting my driver’s license before a certain date.

I should have been consistent. I should have driven more than just once a week. Driving once a week was not enough, especially not when it was almost time for me to take my exam. My instructor didn’t have time for me to take more lessons in the week before my exam. 

I just should have saved all the money first and then I should have passed my theoretical exam first and after that take my driving lessons back to back. I wasted so much money! But you know what, all of this is in the past now. Regretting this situation won’t change it. 

To be honest, I just think it was not meant for me to have my driver’s license back then. It just wasn’t my time yet. I would probably have bought a car that would cost me a lot of money and I would never be where I am today financially. Now it makes sense, why I couldn’t pass my theoretical exam. Now it makes sense why a lot of things were blocking my chances of taking the drivings test. It all makes sense now!

Anyway, after failing my exam I took a break from driving. After my break, I started driving again, but then we got hit with the pandemic. One moment we were allowed to take driving lessons, the next moment we were not. So I was like “You know what ”I am just going to wait until we can actually take lessons”. In the meantime, I was setting aside €120 every month.

During the summer I made the decision to start all over again and do this one last time and get my drivings license. I decided to start in September. In August I took my “test driving lesson” and on the third of September, I took my first official drivings lesson. On September the 30th I will have my theoretical exam.

So what is my strategy this time?

I changed my driving school because I just wanted to make a fresh start. This time I went with a package deal. It costs about €1.200 for 30 lessons and the exam is included. I have to pay in 3 installments. I had already saved €1.600, which is more than enough. However, I am still going to set aside €120 each month, just to make sure that I don’t end up running out of money.

As I mentioned, my theoretical exam is at the end of September. Until then I will drive once a week. After I pass my exam I will start driving 2 or 3 times a week, maybe even more if that is possible. The week before my exam I will drive 5 days in a row.

As I said, I am still going to set aside money. If, in the end, I feel like I still need more classes I will take them. There is no need for me to worry about money. This time I already got all the money.  But I am actually doing pretty good. I immediately started driving the car all by myself. I am feeling really comfortable behind the steering wheel. I just have to work on perfecting my driving skills. So I am not worried about needing extra lessons.

Right now I am really focussing on my theoretical exam. I am studying and practicing and it is going very well. I hope that I just pass it the first time and that I finally get my license in 2021.

I believe in myself. I can do this. I will get my driver’s license. 

I decide that it’s all possible and that my success is inevitable.

This is all I have for today. Thank you for your precious time, and until next time!


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2 thoughts on “Before I am moving out: Chapter 1”

  1. You might want to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You might be unconsciously doing it. But you’d eventually get it. As a former employee at the drivers license place, I have seen a whole lot of failures on both the permit and road tests. The permit test failures is either because there is too much pressure to pass or failure to prepare. I would suggest studying whatever materials you may have, don’t tell anyone you’re about to do the test, take deep breaths, think before you answer, don’t over think it, just do it!


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