Monthly Review

August reflection

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another monthly reflection. Today we are reflecting on the month of August. On August 6th I turned 25 years old. I am so happy that I am starting this age debt-free and with a net worth of more than €15.000.

Let’s see how I did this month. 

This is what my income looked like in August:

Salary + Travel allowance:  €1.846,97

Health Care Allowance: €56

Dividend: €0,54

Total: €1.903,51

I wasn’t really excited about the amount of dividend I received this month. Especially because it was my birthday month. So I made a list of dividend stocks that pay dividends in August, so next year I will receive a nice amount in my birthday month. 

In August something exciting happened. I finally found out how much I contributed to my retirement and how much my contribution is worth. I am finally able to add this number to my net worth. Right now my contributions are worth a little bit more than €1.000. I can’t wait to see this number grow.

For those who didn’t read my last blog post, I got a permanent contract at my job! I am so happy. Those who read my very first blog post know that this is what I was praying for. Normally I would have to get another one-year contract, but they decided to just skip that one and give me a permanent contract. My contract would end in October of this year. So now I will have an income throughout this whole year. I am so happy and grateful.

Let’s now take a look at my emergency fund. My main goal for 2021 is to save a €6.000 emergency fund. As you can see in the diagram below I have managed to save €4.470 so far. This is 9 full months’ worth of expenses. I almost hit the 75% mark.

Now let’s talk about how I spend my money in August. Honestly, I spent a lot of money this month, because it was my birthday. I decided to have a birthday weekend and to buy myself some presents. That’s where a lot of my money went to. In the end, I was left with €42,72. This money went to my investments and my savings.

Overall I don’t think I did a good job saving extra money, but I am totally fine with it because I gave myself the birthday that I wanted and that I really deserved.

Next month will be the last month of the third quarter of the year. This means that after that I will be doing a 9-month review and see if I am actually going to reach my goals at the end of this year.

This is all I have for today! Thank you for your precious time and until next time!


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