How much I spend on my vacation

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you are doing well. I am doing amazing. Last Friday I turned 25 years old. I am a 25-year-old woman now. I can’t believe it.

Today I wanted to talk about how much money I spend on my last vacation and how it was to go on vacation on a budget.

My friend and I went on a trip to Barcelona for a week and we had an amazing time.

We visited a lot of beautiful places, did some fun activities and of course, we went to the beach. I swam 4 times in the sea. Like I mentioned in one of my previous post, I have a special connection with the sea, so I will take every chance I have to swim, even if I have to swim by myself.

We stayed in a hotel. We had our breakfast in the hotel every morning because we didn’t want to be looking for breakfast outside every single day. Financially it was a better choice as well. We did have lunch and dinner outside. We would just eat somewhere close to where we were at the moment. 

My goal for this trip was to have an amazing time without spending too much money. In the table below you can see what I expected and what I actually spend. I took everything into consideration.

Clothes€ 50,00€ 43,43
Hair€ 100,0065,97
Self care€ 50,00€ 18,07
Hotel€ 300,00€ 283,16
Airline tickets€ 300,00€ 312,30
Groceries€ 25,00 € 10
Eating out€ 150,00 € 190
Activities€ 20,00 € 52,4
Transport during vacay€ 35,00 € 25
Transport from and to airport€ 45,00 € 46,13
Souvenirs€ 40,00 € 10
Covid test€ 150,00 € 39
Snacks0 € 17,08
Total€ 1.265,00€ 1.112,54

I am not going into detail about each category because everything speaks for itself. I am going to tell you what I would do differently next time.

First I will start with activities. Next time I would budget more for activities because we ended up doing more activities than anticipated. Some things were not planned at all. For instance, I found out that there was a zoo and an aquarium which cost about €21 each. On our way to the hotel we randomly saw little boats, so we went rowing. That was so much fun. I am a person that likes doing activities and I don’t mind paying for them. 

Next time I would also budget a little bit more on drinks and food. It was so hot outside, so I ended up buying a lot of water, drinks, and ice cream. We also ate all our lunches and dinners outside and if you also buy a drink with it, it adds up quickly. I couldn’t go to Spain without drinking Sangria. I ended up drinking 2 glasses of Sangria during my vacation and it was so good!

Before our flight, I bought some snacks to eat when we were on our way to Spain. I ended up not eating those snacks at all. I ate them during our stay. I noticed that in warm weather I don’t crave candy and chips, so next time I won’t buy them anymore. I am just going to make myself sandwiches because I did eat those while waiting for boarding. On the airplane, they gave us sandwiches as well. 

For those who are wondering what souvenirs I bought. I bought my boyfriend a really nice shirt for only €7. I also bought a magnet that I put on the fridge for €3. That’s about it. I didn’t feel the need to buy myself anything. 

I am pretty satisfied with how much I spend during this trip. I actually thought I would overspend. I definitely didn’t feel like I was tight on money. The food was pretty cheap and we saved a lot of money by walking instead of taking public transport. We didn’t use public transportation at all during our trip. We did use a cab twice. The cabs were pretty cheap compared to what I would pay in The Netherlands.

A lot of young people like to spend a lot of money on their vacations. To them, it might seem like I am “restricting” myself by having a budget. The way I think is “ If I don’t spend a lot of money on this trip, I am able to go on another soon”. Of course, there are different types of travelers. Some just want to relax on the beach, others want to party every single day and some might want to actually see the country. So how much you spend really depends on your goal.

Next time I will definitely go on a vacation again, where I visit a lot of places and do a lot of fun activities. I am a really adventurous person. I am not the type of person who only lays on the beaches and parties on a boat. I want to see the country. I want to see what nature looks like in that country. I want to see monuments, churches, etc. I just want to see, understand and experience life in another country.

It was the second time that I visited Barcelona. The first time I went with my school when I was 15 years old. I promised myself that one day I would go back as an adult. My heart has always been longing to go back ever since. After 9 years I went back and I fell in love all over again. The connection I felt with Spain is insane. When I travel to another country, it’s that connection that I want to feel.

I am so grateful that I can actually travel, and that I can fulfill the desire to know what life is like in other countries. I had this desire since I was a child, and not allowed to leave the country. Now I am giving myself the life that I always wanted to live while doing it on a budget.  

This is all I have for today. I hope you had a nice summer as well. Thank you for your precious time and until next time.


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