Monthly Review

May Reflection

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another monthly reflection. Today we will be reflecting on the month of May. This month was so exciting to me. Let’s get right into it.

The highlight of this month was my income. This is what I received in May:

  • Monthly salary: €1.809,12. 
  • Tax return:  €229. 
  • Holiday pay of €1.194,44. 
  • Monthly healthcare allowance: €56. 
  • Dividend: €0,07 
  • Attapoll earnings: €4,20 

So, my total income in May was € 3.292,83. I have never received so much money in my entire life.

You are probably wondering what I did with all this extra money. Well, my whole tax return went to my emergency fund. And €1.000 from my holiday pay also went to my emergency fund. The rest of the money I just added to my spend money, in case I would overspend in some categories, which I did. This month I went on a little trip, which I really enjoyed. 

I also bought some presents for other people.  I needed new comfy shoes, so I ended up buying a pair for myself. Even though I spent all this money, I was still left with about €190 at the end of the month, which went to my emergency fund and investments.

Speaking of emergency funds, in my last monthly reflection I totally forgot to give you an update on my progress. What a shame. So let’s talk about my emergency fund.

In May I  reached a beautiful milestone on my emergency fund. I managed to save 49%. This means that I already saved 6 months of monthly expenses. Of course, I am not going to stop right there. My next goal is to save one year of monthly expenses.

Since I am debt free I really like to see how much I pay myself each month. I am so happy to announce that this month I paid myself € 2.339,72. That is so crazy to me.

In the diagram below you can see how I spend this month’s income. I wish my diagram could look like this every single month.

I announced that I would invest €1.000 in an individual stock in my last reflection, but I didn’t mention which one. Now I am here to tell you that I invested in Microsoft. I have been thinking of investing in Microsoft for a long time actually after doing a lot of research. I am not gonna lie, this investment makes me really nervous. Right now this is my biggest holding. I don’t plan to invest any more money in this stock anymore. I will only reinvest the dividends that I will receive. I will definitely keep you updated about this €1.000 investment.

Finally, I want to tell you guys that I added a new category to my menu. It’s called “Investments”. Here you can follow the growth of my investments in the stock market.

This is all I have for today. Thank you for your precious time and until next time.


Color and Coins

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