Monthly Review

April Reflection

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another monthly reflection. Today we are reflecting the month of April.

This month was special to me, because I received my first debt free salary. It felt so weird to not have to make any payments towards my debt. I could spend a big part of my salary how I wanted to. This was definitely the highlight of april.

In April I also received my very first dividend payments. In total I received 84 cents, divided over 3 ETFs. I know it’s not a lot, but it still made me happy. I mean it is free money. Besides that, it has only been 4 months since I started investing. I think that I was happy because now I know what to expect, which I didn’t know before. I had no clue, because I didn’t see anyone sharing this information online. That’s why I decided to do it myself on instagram. If you aren’t following me on instagram already, follow me @colorandcoins.  At the end of this year I am going to make a post about my investments in the stock market. 

In April I also had a savings win. For this year I wanted to save €1000 for my first ever car. The thing is I don’t even have my driver’s license yet. And due to the current world events I am currently not taking any lessons. To be honest, at this moment in my life, I don’t even need a car. In The Netherlands we have amazing public transportation. If I want to take the tram, I just have to cross the street. If I want to take the train I have to walk 7 min. If I need the bus I only have to walk 3 minutes. If I don’t feel like taking public transportation, I just use the bike. What I am trying to say is, that I don’t know when I will need a car. Maybe in the future when I have kids, which is not any time soon. For this reason I decided that I will not be actively saving for this car fund for a while. But I don’t want that money just sitting in my savings account doing nothing. So I decided to invest that money in my brokerage account. I already picked a stock that I am going to invest that money in. I will be talking about this investment in my next monthly reflection.

Finally I also started actively looking for an apartment this month. Finding an affordable apartment is so hard in the Netherlands. I applied for 31 apartments. I got 3 replies and only viewed 1. So it is kind of hard for me to say when I plan moving out. Luckily I already have some money saved up to move out.

This is all I have for today. Thank you for your precious time and until next time!


Color and Coins

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